ELAC Andrew Jones Debut Speakers

ELAC Debut by Andrew Jones On Sale! Ends July 2nd 2017

For anyone who has been keeping their ear to ground of what’s new in the Audio world, it’s well known that the Debut series of speakers from well respected speaker manufacturer ELAC has been making a lot of noise (the good kind, that is).

These speakers, designed by famed Audio Engineer Andrew Jones, have been well received since their inception, and are considered one of the best sounding speakers in their price bracket (and some would even say beyond their price bracket).

For a limited time, the ELAC Debut series is being offered at an even lower price as part of their “Dads & Grads” promotion, celebrating all of the great Fathers and new graduates this summer.

For the budget conscience audio-head looking for a new pair of speakers, or a full home theater setup, without having to break the bank, you’ve got until July 2nd to take advantage of this promo. Speakers starting as low as only $289.99!

ELAC Debut Promo

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