“Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.”
-Sarah Dessen

The Elevated Story

When it seems like the appreciation for quality audio continues to dwindle, the last things one would expect is an already established AV dealer to have the audacity to open a high-end audio store. In the spring of 2014, Update TV & Stereo did just that.
With a goal to create a hi-fi retail environment that not only supports many of the usual suspects in premium audio gear, but also to provide a stage for some of the more esoteric and elite brands from around the globe, Update was still unsatisfied.

The mission was not just to open another pretentious run of the mill audio shop. They wanted to stun everyone who walked through the doors while also embracing them with the passion and enthusiasm for proper sound that inspired them to open the store in the first place.

In that vein, what better place to bring people of a common belief and appreciation together than a heritage church? Located on the charming strip of Main Street Unionville, you will find the awe-inspiring heritage building that now plays home to the AV retail community’s newest, proudest and most unique member.

Welcome to Update TV & Stereo Elevated

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Featured Brands


Mark Levinson is a name that has been synonymous with High End Audio for decades. Come to Update Elevated to see what all the hype has been about for all of these years.

New! Monitor Audio Silver Series 6th Generation

Transrotor Dark Star Reference Turntable Update TV & Stereo

Now Available at Elevated


Elevated Audio Brands

In addition to our full family of authorized AV brands, Update TV & Stereo Elevated is also proud to represent some of the most respected brands in hi-fi audio today, including: