Custom Installation

Update TV & Stereo offers Custom Installation Services for projects small and large. Whether you are looking to simply have a new flat panel TV mounted on your wall, or you want to build the Man Cave of your dreams with Dolby Atmos Surround Sound, a 150″ Screen, with activity based control, we’ve got you covered. Check out an overview of some of our Custom Installation Services below:

TV Mounting

  • Decide if you would like your TV to be mounted flush, with a tilt, or full motion.
  • Ensure your new flat panel TV is installed correctly and securely.
  • Conceal all wiring, for a clean and finished look.

Home Theater

  • Integrate a Home Theater System with Display (TV or Projector)
  • Run all appropriate cables to ensure proper system functionality (HDMI, Speaker Cables, Network Cables, Subwoofer Cables, etc.), totally concealed
  • Install all speakers, whether Floorstanding, Wall/Ceiling Mounted, In-Wall/In-Ceiling, or totally invisible
  • Connect all necessary components (AV Receiver, Blu-Ray Player, Gaming Consoles, etc.) in a rack or component stand, locally or in a separate room

Pre-Wiring/Retrofit Wiring

  • If you are in the framing/pre-drywall stage of your new home build or renovation, we can ensure your home is wired to meet your current and future needs
  • Pre-Wiring is ideal for surround-sound, multi-room or whole-home wiring applications
  • Retrofit wiring may require access holes to be cut

Distributed Networking

  • Run stable infrastructure throughout your home or place of business
  • Integrate reliable and scalable network solutions for wired/wireless network access, as well as to support various applications (A/V Network features, Smart Home systems, Automation, etc.)

Whole Home/Multi Zone AV

  • Distribute audio throughout your home or business to multiple zones to enjoy music wherever you need it
  • Run multiple video sources across a network of displays, great for commercial applications or certain residential applications

Control & Automation

  • Control your entire AV system from a single remote, or even from your smartphone, whether your equipment is line of sight, or completely hidden
  • Turn your entire house in to a smart home through Control4 Automation, giving you the ability to control everything in your house, from AV, Drapery, Lighting, Security, HVAC, and more, from a single interface accessible via hard button remotes, touch panels, or your smart phone.

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