Flexson Adjustable Floor Stand for SONOS Play:1 (Single)

$164.99 $159.99

  • Height adjustable from 635mm – 1110mm to the base of the speaker
  • Bespoke design for the SONOS PLAY:1
  • Clever cable management keeps things tidy
  • Black or white finishes to match SONOS PLAY:1
  • Precision engineered in aluminum and steel
  • Available in single and pairs.

Does not include Speakers. Sold Individually.


The Flexson Adjustable Floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1 can vary in height from 635mm – 1110mm (measured from top to base of the speaker), allowing it to adapt to a range of potential SONOS set-ups. Our Adjustable Floorstand is ideal if you’re using PLAY:1 speakers in a 5.1 surround sound set-up with a SONOS PLAYBAR, or anywhere else you just need your speaker to sit lower or higher than our standard floorstand for SONOS PLAY:1.Bespoke designed for the PLAY:1, the Flexson Adjustable Floorstand is precision engineered from steel and aluminium, and includes neat cable management. It is available in black or white finishes to perfectly match the SONOS speaker.

Weight (Kg): 4.2
Depth (mm): 230
Width (mm): 303
Height (mm): 635


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