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Update TV Introduces Arcam, Revel, and Mark Levinson

Update TV & Stereo is proud to announce the in-store arrival of 3 stellar, well respected audio brands; Arcam, Revel, and Mark Levinson.

Arcam and Revel will be available in all 3 Update TV & Stereo Locations (Richmond Hill, Vaughan, and Unionville), while Mark Levinson will only be available in the Unionville Elevated store.

Additionally, as of Fall 2017, Update TV & Stereo Elevated (Unionville) will be an Arcam Centre of Excellence, a title only provided to 10 Arcam Dealers across Canada. You will be able to enjoy a full Arcam Home Theater experience, and speak with a staff member who has been specifically trained by Arcam to have intimate knowledge of the products and their technologies.


Arcam-A19-Integrated-Amplifier---Update-TV-&-StereoBased just outside the city of Cambridge in the UK, Arcam started as a school project between two students at Cambridge University, and have now been manufacturing some of the best quality amplifiers and audio components for over 40 years.

From Integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers, multi-channel and monoblock power amps, to full surround sound AV Receivers, all-in-one lifestyle components, DACs, headphone amps, and more, ARCAM continues to provide one of the best values in Home AV to date.

These days, Arcam has become best known for their use of Class-G amplifications technology, which brings together the power and performance of Class A amplifiers, with the efficiency of class A-B amplifiers. While in the past, Class-G amplifiers were thought to be very expensive to produce, which they can be, Arcam has applied their mastery of this technology to produce some of the highest performing amplifiers at a fraction of the price of competing technologies.

When you first get a chance to listen to an Arcam Class-G amplifier, you’ll quickly understand what all the hype and praise is about.


revel-concerta2-f36-tower-speakers-update tv & stereoRevel is a speaker company which is obsessed with perfecting the audio accuracy of speakers. This is their primary goal, and something they’ve been continually producing since their inception in 1996. They say they aren’t overly concerned with the aesthetic of their speakers, however that being said, Revel produces some of the most all-around pleasing speakers you can buy, from a beautiful aesthetic design, to top notch build quality, and of course their mesmerizing sound.

It’s not just us raving about the product, check out what was said in a recent review by of the Revel Concerta2 Floorstanding Speakers.

Mark Levinson

There aren’t too many HiFi audio brands in the market more respected and recognized than Mark Levinson. When most people think of High End Audio, Mark Levinson is one of the first names that comes to mind. Mark Levinson actually says it best:

“As any true audiophile will attest, the Mark Levinson name is synonymous with audio purity. So when we design a piece of equipment, perfection isn’t the goal but the starting point.

Our engineers spare no expense sourcing the best materials from around the world, and they only release new products when they exceed all expectations. That’s why the whole industry looks to us to raise the bar and then set it again. But we don’t have to tell you that—you can experience it with every note.”

Mark-Levinson-No52-Reference-Pre-Amplifier---Update-TV-&-StereoFounded in 1972 by the man himself, Mark Levinson, after creating the sound mixer for the first Woodstock Music Festival (as legend has it). He started by handcrafting his own high-end audio components, and the business (and legend) just grew from there.

Today, if you’re looking for unparalleled high-end audio performance, simply remember the name Mark Levinson, and make your way over to Update TV & Stereo Elevated in Unionville for a listen!

If you’re looking for anything from Arcam, Revel, or Mark Levinson, do not hesitate to contact your closest Update TV & Stereo location, we’ll be happy to help!